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Tony with a helpful assistant.

About Tony: Your Instructor

I have always been in the art field and, as you can see, love to share the joy of painting.  That little girl really seemed to enjoy adding a few touches.

In The Netherlands, I learned about creating window displays as well as the importance of brush control for showcard lettering.  All prior to arriving in The US. This valuable experience soon evolved into graphic design and advertising art.  

Painting was pursued in art classes taught by Jay O’Meilia, A.W.S., and later, on a full-time basis under Frank Reilly, a popular instructor at the New York Art Students League. During that time, I became one of the first workshop pioneers, organizing classes in Europe taught by my idols: John Pike, Edgar A. Whitney, Robert E. Wood, Tom Hill, Milford Zornes, and Rex Brandt. Looking back, it was great to sit in on their classes. Over the years, these mentors became friends who inspired me to also paint and teach.

After I was elected to Signature Membership in the American Watercolor Society, my paintings and articles were featured in Southwest Art, American Artist, Australian Artist and on the covers of the Artist’s Magazine and Watercolor Magic. My first book, titled Outdoor Watercolor Workshop, was soon followed by two others: Painting With the White of Your Paper and The Watercolor Fix-it Book, both co-authored with fellow artist Judi Wagner.

The Building Blocks of Painting

The Building Blocks of Painting

This last book introduced The Building Blocks of Painting. Since artists are visually oriented, a set of visual symbols were designed to serve as a graphic reminder of what to do and think about during the painting process. Later, used as a checklist, these symbols help to analyze problems needing to be resolved.  Since there are no “rules” in art, these guidelines are based on the experience passed down by generations of masters in every painting medium and style.

The Watercolor fix-it Book and The Building Blocks of Painting DVD pictured below, explain this visual reminder system in detail. {Note: DVDs, videos, and books are no longer available. – CvH}

Some time ago, artist Greg Conley published a fun “tell all” interview with me for his website www.watercolorpainting.com.  To read the interview, CLICK HERE {Note: This interview is from 2015 – CvH}