About this Site

About this Site

My father, with expert technical help from Christopher Cart, kept his art business alive in the modern age, using this domain to sell his books, DVDs, and workshops.  My father was not a technical whiz, but necessity being the mother of re-invention, he soldiered on into the digital age.  

In 2022 after Tony’s death, I took over this site, with the hopes of keeping Tony’s work and memory alive.  After seeing the outpouring of well-wishers after his death, I knew that his students and their work, as much as his paintings, were his true legacy.  I realized also that as his son, I owe a mountain of gratitude to those students who kept him and his family living in relative comfort for many, many years.

My hope in continuing this site under the name “van Hasselt Workshops” is not to try to make money or promote myself.  Rather, I want to learn from you about your experiences and fun memories of attending his workshops.  

If you ever were one of Tony’s students, or were enriched in some way by his books or videos, I hope you will share those memories and thoughts through this site.  Please visit the Workshop Memories page, and fill out the form.  After I hear from you, I will contact you and perhaps get more information, and then with your permission share your memory with the many fans of watercolor painting in the style of Tony van Hasselt.

With Gratitude,
Chris van Hasselt