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Don’t let the title fool you.

This is not just another watercolor book. 

Instead, it is a unique problem prevention and problem-solution book, applicable not just for the watercolorist but in any medium.  After years of looking at our own work and those of our students, co-author Judi Wagner and I came to the realization that most painting problems seem to fall into eight major categories. 

 Following up on that idea, The Watercolor Fix-it Book features eight sure-fire design and painting principles, based on the advice and teachings passed down by generations of masters in every painting medium and style. 

Since artists are visually oriented, I created an instant visual reminder for these design principles.  The result? The Building Blocks of Painting. It is an amazing visual checklist eliminating the need to remember all those do’s and don’t’s. Once you are familiar with those symbols, they will keep you on track during the painting process and later, while used as a checklist, help locate and analyze problems in existing work. 

To fully understand the complete meaning of each Building Block, a richly illustrated, in-depth chapter covers each visual reminder for you, the visually oriented artist.  See dozens of ways to improve your existing work and learn how to prevent future painting problems before they happen. 

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