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Don’t know how to tackle this subject?  
Then this program is just for you. As an avid watercolorist I like to share years of on-location experience.  Learn how to select a good subject and avoid major problem areas.
First I show quick and simple ways to make a preparation sketch prior to starting the actual painting. Remember, “failing to plan is planning to fail”. Ben Franklin said that.
Then, after going over the equipment, palette set-up and logical outdoor procedures, I start with a loaded brush and bold strokes, mixing color on the paper, trying to continuously explain the reasons why.
Look right over my shoulder to learn the many different ways of painting a more exciting and interesting foreground.  Closely study an area or repeat a section until you really understand how it is done.  
This DVD will help overcome the fear of painting on location and teaches logical outdoor procedures, quite different from those used in the studio.  
Length 79 minutes. 
$30.00 includes mailing in the US.  
$40.00 includes mailing international orders. 
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