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Are you afraid to add incidental figures to your landscapes?  
Do they become stiff additions to that nice loose watercolor you just did? On this DVD,  I acquaint you with a more relaxed, fun approach to add those figures. Instead of having a preconceived idea of what the figure should be doing, I let the paper suggest it to me.  I actually start with an incident; just a blob of paint and then see if it could develop into a figure. Obviously, some practice is required, but you’ll have fun doing it. 
Next I introduce you to drawing the standing and seated figure, simply by using familiar alphabet shapes.  I discovered that concept while waiting in airport lounges and observing the folks around me.  It is amazing what you can do when simplifying figures into letters.  
After practicing that idea, I introduce a 4-step method to paint the figure and add head, arms and props.  The fun begins when color is introduced and exercises added to really loosen you up and see the possibilities.  
I will even show you how to look for hints of figures you didn’t realize you painted.  How to sponge out to add light figures and just where to place them. Try it, you’ll giggle, throw paint and have fun. And that’s how it should be when adding incidental figures to your scene.  Please adjust the sound level when needed.  Thank you!
Length 105 minutes.
$30.00 includes mailing in the US.  
$40.00 includes mailing international orders
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