Join us for a 5-day workshop June 14 to 18, 2022 



Drive slowly and keep your camera handy because you’ll find so many great subjects along the way to this exciting workshop location. You’ll be ready to paint even before you get there. The hilly, winding road gets narrower, paving changes to gravel and just when you think you’re lost – you have arrived at the Landgrove Inn.   The inn is a vintage 1810 farmhouse and homestead The Dining Roomoffering a welcome atmosphere with country charm and comfort in uniquely decorated guestrooms.  

Your inn reservation includes all meals which are deliciously prepared, while desserts are “over the top”. Then there is the 24 hour tea and cookie station, plus a well-stocked bar, based on the honor system.  I find that eating together creates a more cohesive workshop experience and art is naturally, the topic of conversation.

 My primary focus is on the art of picture making, composition and design, applicable in any medium.  Demonstrations are in watercolor but students using acrylics are welcome.  For studio painters, this plein air workshops may serve as an introduction to working on location, while finishing touches can be added in this spacious studio. 

The Landgrove Inn studio




Enjoy daily demonstrations followed by lots of individual painting time and assistance. In the late afternoon we’ll meet in the studio for our sharing session.

Since artists are visually oriented, I do offer verbal suggestions and often paint those on a sheet of acetate placed over your art.  You may photograph the result and even use it as a guide to complete the painting.  Your actual work is never touched. 

Tuition: $650.  Deposit $150.00. 

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