Before joining any workshop, it is best to familiarize yourself with the painting and teaching style of the featured instructor.  Being informed, you will know what to expect and learn how subjects will be covered.

Visit the web sites below and acquaint yourself with my own painting and teaching style.

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What students have said about these workshops . . .


“The Building Blocks become more powerful the more often one refers to them.  I have the poster on the wall.  Thank you for creating and sharing such a great concept.”                                    

Richard Jennings

“I think we learned more in the first day than in years of studying.  The logical way you bring it all together was something new.”

Ed and Marjorie Fales

“What a wonderful week – I’m a more confident painter now, thanks to you.  I look forward to painting with you again sometime.”

J. Puthuff

“Thanks for a great class and wonderful location!  The fall colors were fantastic – the food was delicious – the room lovely – all great!” 

Barbara Johnson

“You are a wonderful teacher and organizer.  It is amazing how you made time to help each individual painter, no matter what their level of development and painting style.”

J. Douglass

It was a wonderful workshop. Thank you for your great teaching skills – especially the sessions with the acetate overlay – very helpful.”

Ruth Fullaway

“There may be 1300 workshops in the US this year, but there won’t be one any better than yours.  You were an inspiration.”

Thomas H. Miller

“I appreciated your simplification of design principles.  Reducing (them) to eight graphically displayed principles will help me greatly.”

Dr. Tom West


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